Donating Texts
NCTU Library welcomes book donations from individuals, groups and organizations.
  1. How to make a donation:
    1. Please contact Mrs. Chen (ext 31674) at the Acquisition & Cataloging Division of NCTU Library for coordination before making your donation.
    2. Listing relevant information (the book’s title, author, publisher and year of publication) and your contact information can shorten the time necessary for the process.
    3. The library has the right to decide on whether or not the donated material will be added to its collection, where it will be placed, and how it will be displayed.
    4. Donated materials in violation of copyright law and other rules and regulations will not be accepted.
  2. More information please see Principal of Donating Texts (Chinese)
  3. For any donation accepted for the Library collection, the donor will be recognized on the donation list on the NCTU Library Website. A note will also be sent in thanks for the kindly support.