• Borrowing

You must present a valid library card for borrowing materials from the Library. You neither can lend your card to another person nor can use another person’s card. If you violate this rule, you will be forbidden of the entry to the Library and your library privileges will be suspended for 30 days.

Borrowing Rights


  • Renewal

You can renew a borrowed material prior to the due date by the online renewal system, by phone or by email to circulation services desk. Please note that the renewal will not be completed in the following conditions:

    • The material in your record is overdue;
    • The material is on hold (reserved by another user);
    • Renewal is up to twice;
    • Your borrowing right is locked temporarily.

Please note the new due date will be calculated from the renewed date.

  • Returning

Please return the material you borrowed to the circulation desk in or before the due date. You can also drop your books in the return box located at the entrance of the Library when the Library is closed. In this case, the actual return date will be the previous working day. You are advised to check your library online account to ensure that the return date was recorded properly.

If a borrowed material is overdue, you will be subjected to a fine of NTD$5, or a suspension of library rights for one day per one material. When students graduate, transfer, take leave, or drop out of school, or when faculty members leave, they must return all borrowed materials. At this stage, if user’s library rights have been suspended, he/she must pay the fine amount so that his/her application to leave the University can be processed.

  • Hold and Recall

If you would like to borrow a material that has already been checked out, you can place a hold on it. The library will send a notification to the user who must return the material to the library. If you borrow a material and after that another person reserves it, the borrow period will be shortened to 14 days.

  • Replacement for Lost / Damaged materials

If a borrowed material is lost, your must report the lost material to the circulation desk before the due date. You must compensate the Library with the same material or a newer edition of the material if it is available. For out-of-print materials, you must pay the Library 6 times the value of the material as recorded in the Library’s database.

If lost a material does not have a price recorded in the database, you must pay a fine of NT$2,000 for Chinese books, NT$3,000 for foreign language books, NT$5,000 for Chinese AV materials, NT$8,000 for foreign language AV materials. If you report a lost material after its due date, you must also pay the overdue fine for that material.
If a library borrowed material is damaged, you are subjected to the same regulations applicable to lost materials