Course Reserves
  1. What are “course reserves books?”
    Professors may designate specific materials that are either collected or owned by the Library or the third party as “assigned reference books,” requiring the Library to make these materials available for internal, time-limited use only. If these materials belong to the Library, they will be temporarily unavailable for check out.
  2. Flow chart Flow chart
    1. Apply online. (Please read the service guidelines before applying)
    2. Download and complete the course reserves books list. Submit the completed list through the official letter delivery service to Ms. Chen at the Reference Division of the Library.
    3. Acquire the printed course reserves books list from the department assistant and submit the completed form through the official letter delivery service to Ms. Lu at the Reference Division at the Library.
    4. You are also welcome to fill out the ARB list in person at the Library’s Reference Desk.
  3. Location
    1. Apply for Course Reserves
      1. Teresa Tsai
      2. Reference Service Division
      3. TEL:03-5712121# 31992
    2. Lending for course reserves books
      1. Circulation Desk 03-5712121# 52636
  4. How to use course reserves books
    1. The course reserves books are will be placed separately at the Circulation Desk and are not to be checked out like normal circulation books.
    2. Two items can be borrowed and used inside the library at a time, for up to a total a duration of 2 hours.
    3. Late return penalty of the items accrue at the rate of $10 NTD pre hour per item. And the patron’s borrowing privilege will be held until the fine is clear.
  5. Guidelines on Course Reserves
    1. Please check the Library’s online catalogueto make sure that the Library has your desired materials. Fill out the Course Reserves Books list with the details of your desired materials (journals or reference books cannot be assigned; they are already for internal use only).
    2. If the library does not have your desired materials, we will purchase them for you as soon as possible. Materials available within Taiwan will take approximately 3-4 weeks for processing, while overseas materials may take 2-4 months to for processing.
    3. Materials owned by individuals may also be listed and displayed as the Course Reserves books at the Library. Please submit your own materials—along with a statement including your full name, institution/department, e-mail, phone number and course title-through the official letter delivery service to Ms. Tsai at the Reference Division of the Library.