Contack a Liason Librarian

Contact a Liaison Librarian

Liaison Librarians provide the following services:

  1. Library tutorial

  2. Database instruction

  3. General search assistance

  4. Help determining potential topics for research or case studies

  5. Faculty assistance

College Name Phone number Email
College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Foreign Students
Teresa Tsai 31992 E_mail
College of Engineering Hsiu-Hsuan Liu 31684 E_mail
College of Biological Science and Technology Yu-Chih Liu 31749 E_mail
College of Management
Yu-Ying Chen 52642 E_mail
College of Humanity and Social Science
College of Hakka Studies
Shu-Chuan Chang 31644 E_mail
College of Science Yuh-Ling Chien 52679 E_mail