Important Notes on Submission of Theses and Dissertations
  1. National Chiao Tung University Electronic Theses and Dissertations system (Search theses and Dissertation in NCTU)

  2. Upload your thesis / dissertation (Check progress / print authorization verify acceptance)

    Note for User ID: Please enter your Campus ID barcode.
    Password Note: Your password is your Campus ID barcode or your ARC number . Please capitalize the first letter. If you experience problems, please contact the Circulation Desk (ext 52636).
  3. Download the NCTU watermark file[PDF]

  4. How to add watermark and convert Word document to PDF format

  5. How to upload you file

  6. Flow chart

  7. Access electronic NCTU theses and dissertations

  8. Enquiries
Flow chart


If you have any problems, please contact us

Ask Me Desk 03-5712121 ext 52650
Circulation Desk 03-5712121 ext 52636