Study Carrels
Study Carrels picture
Study Carrels picture
Study Carrels

The library provides 47 Study Carrels on the 6th and 7th floor to be used for independent study by full–time teachers, graduate students and seniors.


Users can make a reservation through the Library Space Borrowing System. Users can reserve Study Carrels by a daily basis at most seven days which is separable up to two sessions and one room is available at one time. Users can use their Student IDs or Service IDs to enter Study Carrels in the reserved time.
Terms of use
  1. Users who do not use the library spaces in reserved time twice within 30 days will be suspended for 30 days.
  2. Loud discussion or hanging any objects on doors and windows are prohibited. Please see Rules for Borrowing Library Space and Policy for Using Library for more details.
Contact us
Circulation Desk Ext. 52636, 52658