Rules for Reader Violations
  1. To ensure interests of users in using every resource of National Chiao Tung University Library (hereinafter the library) as well as the maintenance of good reading environment, the library set up the rules based on Article 8 of Library Law as the basis for the enforcement of the personnel.
  2. Users should use their personal valid ID to enter the library. Counterfeited ID used by users shall be confiscated and the users of the original ID would be notified to pick up the ID, and the rights of the entry of the library of both parties should be suspended for 3 months; the ID of the users falsifying the ID shall be confiscated, and falsifiers should be sent to the police for legal procedures. Students breaching rules should be handled based on the school regulations.

Using ID of other users

  1. The right of the entry of the library will be suspended for 2 weeks if users having one of following behaviors fail to improve the behavior instantly after being orally advised:
    1.  Bring food or beverages in the library.
    2.  Bring pets in the library.
    3.  Produce mess or fail to keep the seat clean.
    4.  Occupy the seat for over 1 hour, or randomly move tables and chairs.
    5.  Create noise or disturbing sound.
    6.  Communication devices are not switched into the mute mode or switched off.
    7. Laptops are not used in certain area according to the rule
    8.  Improper supine position or sleeping postures, or other behaviors against morality.
    9.  Manners determined by the library to be hazardous or influence other readers.

 Users violating Section 1 mentioned in Article 3 should enter the library after finishing food or beverages or food and beverages shall be confiscated and discarded; users violating Section 2 mentioned in Article 3 should take their pets outside the library.

  1. The right of the entry of the library will be suspended for 1 month if users have one of following conducts:
    1. Improper use of computers or links to non-teaching and researching websites, or illegal downloads of information.
    2. Stain or damage devices and equipments or book materials in the library.
    3. Maliciously enter non-open spaces without permission.
    4. Improper remain in the library after closing.
  2. Users should show their ID for examination if applicable. Penalties and extra suspension of the entry of the library for 1 months will be laid on users failing to obey instructions of the personnel or show their IDs, or having arrogant attitudes.
  3. Users severely breaching the rules will be reported to Division of Campus Security and responsible entities. Students of the university shall be sent to Office of Student Affairs and visitors shall be sent to their related service entities.
  4. Violators engaging in illegal behaviors including smoking, theft, sexual harassment, or severely breaching public orders and morality shall leave the library after the library notify the police, and their rights of the entry of the library shall be suspended for 6 months; the qualification of the entry of the library of visitors should be canceled permanently.
  5. The regulation and revision are implemented after being passed by Library Affair Meeting
  • Regulation for Violation Handling was passed on July 26, 2000
  • Regulation for Violation Handling was terminated and abolished on May 24, 2011
  • Passed by Library Affair Meeting on May 24, 2011
  • Revised and passed by Library Affair Meeting on January 10, 2014