Regulation for the Use of Public Computers on 2ed Floor
  1. To ensure the interests of faculty and students in using public computers on 2ed floor, National Chiao Tung University Library set up the regulation.
  2. Before using seated public computers, users should register at the AskMe desk with their ID first.
  3. Please abide by “Taiwan Academic Network Management and Norms” established by Ministry of Education when using public computers. The access to the internet is limited to the use for searching academic resources via webpac of the library, E-Resources and the internet. Improper uses of computers or links to non-teaching and researching websites or illegal downloads of information are strictly forbidden. Violators still breaching the regulation after being advised shall be suspended from rights of the entry of the library for a month.
  4. Related Regulation for the Use:
    1. Public computers are equipped with scanners for people who need them as priority. 
    2. The timeframe of the registered use of computers is limited to one hour, and register for another hour if no other users register the use of computers.
    3. Do not randomly move computers or link to the internet and printers without the permission of the library staff. 
    4. Food and beverages, occupancy of seats for over 1 hour, dirty and noisy manners are not allowed in the library.
    5. Legal version of software are installed in public computers. Illegal duplication and the use of other illegal software on public computers are strictly forbidden.
    6. Every device, equipment and software of public computers belong to publicly-owned property of the library. Intentional destruction, theft or change of current systems without permission are strictly forbidden.
    7. Please read the instruction of the use carefully while using public computers, and voluntarily check whether computers are broken. If any unclear matter occurs, users shall ask librarians for help, or ask librarians to take care of the malfunction and damage if available. If users fail to do so, they shall also hold the obligation to compensate the damage.
    8. Violators still breaching the regulation mentioned above after being advised once shall be handled according related regulation as well as suspended from rights of the entry of the library for two weeks based on “Rules for Reader Violations, National Chiao Tung University Library”. Violators found to severely breach related regulations shall be sent to Division of General Affair.
  5. Any matter no being mentioned in the regulation shall apply to “Reading Rules”, “National Chiao Tung University Rules for Reader Violations” and “Regulations on the Management of Library Computers”.
  6. The regulation and the revision are implemented after being passed by Library Affair Council. 
  • Revised by Library Affair Meeting on April,26, 2011
  • Revised by Library Affair Meeting on February 10, 2014