E-Book Reader Service Regulation
  1. NCTU Library provides E-Book readers to promote digital reading, mobile learning and utilize electronic resource of the library. This regulation is thus regulated to properly manage related devices.
  2. Target for the service:
    NCTU teachers and students.
  3. Duration of the service:
    1. Each service is for 7 days and can make a reservation. Renewal is not allowed except teachers with purpose of teaching and admitted by the library.
    2. After receiving the reservation message from the library, the user should go to the library to check out the device within 3 days. If the user delays, the reservation will be cancelled.
    3. Every user can only check out one device at the same time. Users who are still using the device can make a reservation after returning the device.
  4. Check out / Returning procedure:
    1. Users should bring their teacher or student IDs to the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor for check out and returning procedure.
    2. Users should check the device and report any problem immediately to the staff, and then have full responsibility to the device once leaving the Circulation Desk.
    3. When returning the device, the library will check the integrity of the device with users before finishing the returning procedure. Personal files remain in the device will be deleted without notification.
    4. E-Book Readers should not be put into the returning box for books. Any damage made will result to asking for compensation by Article 7 of this regulation.
  5. Keeping and using
    1. Users have the responsibility to properly keep the device safe during the service. Devices should be kept away from dirty or harmful environments.
    2. Users should not remove any part of the device (including accessories) nor cracking the software or changing system default settings.
  6. Overdue for returning:
    Users should return the device before the due date. Users who are overdue for returning will be suspended from the service and will be fined for NTD 100 per day. Users who have not return the device within a month will have to pay as losing the device by Article 7 of this regulation.
  7. Damaging, losing and compensation:
    1. If devices are damaged during the service, users have to report to the library actively and will have to pay in following situations:
      1. Repair charge for damaging or making dirty to the device.
      2. Lost or damage of accessories.
    2. If device is lost or unable to be repaired, users have to buy a new one of the same brand at the same or higher level of specification.
  8. Others:
    1. The library has the right to force users to return the device early in special situations. Users who are overdue for the returning will be treated by Article 6 of this regulation.
    2. Please respect the Intellectual Property Rights and obey the regulation of copyright and laws while using E-Book readers. User who against the laws purposely or negligently should take the responsibility to laws.
    3. Exceptions which are not listed in this regulation have to obey all related NCTU regulations.
  9. This regulation will be implemented after approval of Library Affairs Council, same to the revised one.



  • Approved by Library Affairs Council on Nov. 30, 2011